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How Kalpana Chawla Inspired Me
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How Kalpana Chawla Inspired Me
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Out of the 7 heros, KC's legacy has captivated me the most....


When I stare up at the peaceful starfilled night sky or even a majestic sunset in the daylight, I'm extremely beckoned by its beauty. I take a deep breath and inhale its power. A sudden rush of serenity and relaxation trembles through me. I'm reminded of brave soul, Dr. Kalpana Chawla. Kalpana was a astronaut that loved science, space, and educating students about her academic achievements, but for me personally, I appreciate her beyond that. Even though she's in another life, I believe she can still inspire people not just with the academic legacy she left behind or the kind hearted person she was, but in spiritual ways...

Kalpana has forever engraved a footprint in my heart. I personally feel Kalpana gently took my hand to show me the "true" meaning of life and the inner core depths within myself that were yet to be foreseen. I've been transcended into a whole new world because my horizons to explore in life have expanded royally. I'm forever changed. I'm the happiest in my life now then ever before. I've become extremely open-minded...

I have endured a compassionate love for Indians. I've even taught myself some Hindi. Indians are the most intelligent, brightest, and enchanting people on Earth that have such impeccable kindness in their souls. Since my respect for Indians has escalated, I have recently began to sponser a child in India through a charity and now seeking the possibilities to adopt internationally from India. It has become my dream! I want to teach my children (adoptive or blooded) Kalpana's legacy as well as educating them about Science and Astronomy. I also always dream of my son or daughter being on a possible mission to space to continue Kalpana's dream...

Kalpana has given me wonderful "ideas of wisdom" about enjoying nature. Anaylze the enviornment around you and grasp it into your memory because all things on Earth are precious. Not just the sky, but animals, flowers, plants, trees, birds, mountains, lakes, oceans, hilly plains,...etc. I've never been so intrigued with nature as I do now. I've matured into enjoying the little things that life has to offer. Everytime I go hiking, I generously pay tribute to Kalpana by giving a moment of silence out on a hilltop a few hundred feet high or simply staring out across a lake. I somehow feel spiritually connected to her. It is such a remarkable feeling...

Through Kalpana, I've matured as an individual. My self-esteem and self-confidence have boosted tremendously. Kalpana made me realize being yourself reguardless of what people think is most important. To induldge in what you believe in and grasp it with all persistance. Do not allow people to block your pathway...

I've been attending AirShows including the World's Largest Air Convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin called EAA. From being a spectator and in knowing of Kalpana's aviation abilities, I've built a few model airplanes including a space shuttle in which I named "Columbia." I've even thought about enrolling myself into flight school. To be able to fly like a dove or an angel transcending through cloud to cloud such as Kalpana would be such a glorious delight! I have been doing research to discover the local airports that gives flying lessons. One thing is certain, my flying ability would have a much more influence on my future children to want to reach for the sky or beyond...

Dr. Kalpana Chawla, on behalf of all the millions you've inspired through your exceptional aviation ability, love for nature, and strive to achieve your dreams to reach for the stars, I saluate you with the warmest gratitude! You were an incredible person and NO ONE will ever compare to you! Lots of love!

"Heros Live On..."

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