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STS-107 Charities
Return To Flight: STS-114
How I Reacted To The Accident
How Kalpana Chawla Inspired Me
"Astronaut Diaries" Program (my personal review)
Biography: Space Shuttle Columbia (OV - 102)
Biography: David Brown
Biography: Rick Husband
Biography: Laurel Clark
Reflections of God and Space
Biography: Kalpana Chawla
Biography: Michael Anderson
Biography: William McCool
Biography: Illan Ramon
STS-107 Charities
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Letter to NASA from the Families of Columbia

The families of the Columbia crew are deeply grateful for the generous outpouring of support and affection we have received from around the world over the past three weeks.

Many people have asked how they can honor the STS-107 crew and assist our families during this difficult time. There are several charitable funds that have been established on our behalf. Information about these funds can be found at:


The Columbia Crew Families

Funds Benefitting All Columbia Families - These non-restrictive funds have been established to meet the general or emergency needs of all Columbia families.

Funds Benefitting Specific Columbia Families - These funds have been established to meet the general or emergency needs of specific Columbia families.

Funds Benefitting Columbia Children's Education - These funds will be used to meet the educational and/or medical needs of the Columbia children.


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"Heros Live On..."

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