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My Personal Bio / Contact Me


Please feel free to email me if you would like a new friend to communicate with.  I'd love to hear from everyone!!!  =) 

My Bio (the moderator):
Name:  Shawna Lee G. (I don't disclose my last name online)
Birthdate:  December 2, 1978
Sign:  Sagittarious
Residence:  Hartford, WI
Maritial Status:  Single, but looking
Interests:  collecting scented candles, space explorations, astronomy, India, World music, Christian music, Soundscape music, spirituality, Christianity, bowling, hiking, nature, Psychology, Science
Goals:  To continue my charity sponsership in India I'm currently doing, to adopt a child or two from India, audition for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, get married, be somewhat fluent in the Hindi language, and enjoy life to the complete fullest...
My Thoughts:
Gosh, it is literally overwhelming how we can get on a vehicle that can reach up to 17,000 miles per hour (18 times the speed of sound) and whisk us away into the unmapped darkness called, space. God gave us the grace of technology to go further to explore within his creations. Instead of being on the ground and looking up at the sky, he definitely wanted us to go up and reach for the stars!!!  It's just sad how only a limited few of us are able to enjoy space up close and personal.  Maybe someday, that will be altogether different.  With that in mind, many different things are yet to be discovered ranging from planets beyond our solar system or maybe potential life on other plants.  We all know that the undiscovered planets are out there, but we just gotta find them.  It's incredible when you sit and think about it.  There's millions and millions of planets out there.  My biggest question is "why?"  Why are there millions of planets out there?  I believe there's reasons for everything.  I'm sure there's also reasons for this.  I'm not sure if technology will upgrade to extreme advancements to find some answers.  Hopefully, God will allow us.  If God is waiting to surprise us, then we'll have to wait until we meet God face to face.  At that point in time, all our questions will be answered.... 
Flying 32,000 ft in a airplane showers me with great delight.  Being so close to the Heavens then on the ground is so overbearing to me.  At that point in time, I feel like a angel or a dove.  Flying and descending through cloud to cloud grasping God's creation at a more powerful level makes me feel free.  Just brings such comfort, relaxation, and joy...

My eyes are constantly fixed outside the plane window.  Looking out the window is a particular MUST for me!!!  I never take the time to read a book or sleep.  Not sure how some people can do that.  That's one of the reasons why I don't like flying at night.  Can't enjoy the beauty.  Looking out the window in the daylight to see cities or farmland, or even the cars, everything is like a shape.  Even people, just a dot.  No physical form to determine who they are.  We exist like this in everyday life.  We're tiny dots traveling around, leading our own walks of life.  Now think about being in outer space.  Think about how the astronauts must feel floating around in space and wondering what everyone on Earth is up to.  To think that way and feel close to God at a powerful level at 250,000 ft has got to be beyond words!!!  To think, "WOW, I'm from there" has got to be literally amazing!!! 

About 90% of the time I'm driving (especially in the morning with the sunrise), I'm reminded of how lucky I am to be alive and healthy. I look up to the puffy clouds in the sky and become mesmerized by the appreciation I feel. Butterflies fill my stomach and I suddenly feel a slight chill. Almost brings tears to my eyes. What a tremendous rush it gives me!!! I'm just so thankful for the life God has given me. All the things I have experienced, and all the things yet to be forseen. I've always wondered, "why me?" The chance he's giving me here on Earth is truly the second best gift God could give me besides Jesus's crucifixion to forgive us of our sins. God has put his trust in me, so I have to do my ultimate best to do the same in return...

God bless....


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July 9, 2005
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