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How I Reacted To The Accident
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How I Reacted To The Accident
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February 1, 2003...

February 1st, 2003 was just an ordinary day / night for the world. Getting out of bed or getting ready to go to bed depending upon what country you were in. For me, it was morning. I had just waken up from sleeping on my couch all night and decided to see what was on TV to watch before getting a shower and dressed for the day. By this time it was 7:45. I remember watching bits and pieces of morning news shows...etc. I finally come across CNN and there it said on the screen "Breaking News" and they showed a sky with a streaking flame falling..They said they were fearing it was the Space Shuttle Columbia breaking up during re-entry. THis time, it was about 8:10. I thought to myself "my God, help them!" I was in total shock and didn't know what else to say. I couldn't believe that two weeks ago, I saw this shuttle launch and now I'm also seeing it break-up on TV with my very eyes!!! Finally, CNN pronounced that yes, it was the Columbia shuttle about 8:30 after receiving reports from NASA of loss of communication. I didn't begin to cry because of such shock. My grieving for the families and the crew came later...After hearing about the accident, I immediately rushed to my compter and studied each individual astronaut. By each description I read, I felt like I knew them on a personal level, but since they were lost, I also felt like I knew them spiritually. From then on out, seeing tributes, hearing certain songs, and sometimes just thinking about the crew made me cry. It's amazing to find love for someone you never met.  I never thought that was possible until the accident. I love each and every one of them dearly!!! They've engraved footprints in my heart always and forever...


JANUARY 16, 2003...
Jan 16th, 2003 is yet another memorable day for the world. That was the day the Space Shuttle Columbia was launched into orbit for the last time after over 20 years. I personally didn't get to see the launch "live" in person, but I did get the opprotunity to see it launch on TV while watching LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY on ABC during a commercial break that interrupted Regis's show. I don't know if the entire USA/world got to see it on TV, but since I'm from Wisconsin and Racine is up the highway, our local news broadcasted it. They broadcasted it because astronaut Laurel Clark is a graduate of Horlick High School in Racine and the University of Madison, Wisconsin. She has spent a large portion of her life here and considered Racine her hometown even though she was born in Iowa...So, I thought that put extra brownie points to seeing the
shuttle launch on TV. It made it even more interesting and cool to know that a WI native is going into space...!!!

Ever since the Challenger tragedy in 1986, I believe NASA stopped broadcasting shuttle launches on TV. So, I thought it was a little strange that STS-107's launch was aired even though Laurel was the main reason. I remember thinking to myself, there's gotta be another reason why they're airing this! I'm a strong believer for inspirational things. I mean about things having a meaningful reason. Like we were meant to see the launch on TV (even if it was
just meant for the Milwaukee/Racine area) because God planned it that way. God works in mysterious ways sometimes. I think the same thing about the last 13 minute video during re-entry before the shuttle broke apart. Out of 250 videos filmed by the STS-107 crew, that final minute re-entry video was the only viewable!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! I think it was God's way of showing the families a final "farewell."

Much comfort,

"Heros Live On..."

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