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Heros Live On

Reflections of God and Space
Return To Flight: STS-114
How I Reacted To The Accident
How Kalpana Chawla Inspired Me
"Astronaut Diaries" Program (my personal review)
Biography: Space Shuttle Columbia (OV - 102)
Biography: David Brown
Biography: Rick Husband
Biography: Laurel Clark
Reflections of God and Space
Biography: Kalpana Chawla
Biography: Michael Anderson
Biography: William McCool
Biography: Illan Ramon
STS-107 Charities
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Experiencing God's Creations:

Do you ever walk out into the night sky and just inhale the power that the earth gives you? Do you ever just role around in the stars at night???

There are just some nights when I walk outside and you can just feel this power over you from such a powerful creator. You can't help but just stare at the sky in bewilderment on how beautiful it is and the complexity of it. You just sit there staring at the world around you and your compleatly convinced that there is no way at all every thing that you see is just a matter of accitdent, a big boom theory, there just has to be something that gave form to the formless. I just know that even though I may be sitting outside by myself at night,  that there is an almighty and powerful God in Heaven that is sitting next to me enjoying His creation...

If you toss a large amount of coins on the ground and watch how they fall is very interesting. There are more coins at the point of drop and then ripple out. Sometimes I stare up at the skies and think that several handfulls of stars where tossed down to create our star filled nights. Its just neat to think about. Another thought isn't it intriguing that these giant balls of burning gas millions of light years away look like sparkling silver to us? Its just really interesting, thinking back to many nights sitting outside in the woods to a friendly fire burning in the night. The fire has a nice glow to it, but somehow that yellow, orange glow turns to a silver sparkle in the night sky. So interesting, so neat...!!!

"Always know you're never alone.  God is always by your side 24 / 7 through good times and bad.  Always believe in Him to see you through in life..."


"Heros Live On..."

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