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"Astronaut Diaries" Program (my personal review)

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How Kalpana Chawla Inspired Me
"Astronaut Diaries" Program (my personal review)
Biography: Space Shuttle Columbia (OV - 102)
Biography: David Brown
Biography: Rick Husband
Biography: Laurel Clark
Reflections of God and Space
Biography: Kalpana Chawla
Biography: Michael Anderson
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STS-107 Charities
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My Review:


Mission specialist / Captian, David Brown was truly an avid filmaker.  He carried his video recorder everywhere he went capturing the crew at their finest and goofiest moments.  He potrays how strong their dedication for their work was and how beautiful the 7 crew member's friendship blossomed.  David's brother, Doug Brown and the Science Channel teamed up to bud-heads in creating David's filmaking and transforming it into a 60 min documentry.... 

To see an interview with David's Brother Doug Brown talking about the "Astronaut Diaries", please click here:

After watching such a beautiful arrangement, I was left breathtaken.  Words couldn't describe my emotions for the crew.  Tears filled my eyes.  I broke down in the end when Willie was telling his wife, Lani that he'd give up the view of the Earth for her.  I couldn't hold back.  However, I got a few laughs at their attempt to make brownies on a open camp fire.  Now, I give them all credit for doing this!!!  =)  HAHA!!!  I chuckled when Laurel Clark walked to the brownies to look at them, stopped and said, "they kinda look like bear scat."  It was great!!!  I also chuckled when Rick Husband said his famous quote, "MMMM, I like it, I love it, thank you!!!"  It was classic!!!!  Now, honestly , everytime I go to the store and I'm near the brownie asile, the crew comes to my mind...=)  Goofy times!!!  "Astronaut Diaries" is truly one to see!!!  If you haven't seen it, check your local listings as to when the Science Channel will air it again or try to find someone who has a copy of the tape.  Believe me, it's worth it!!!  =)


"Heros Live On..."

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