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Heros Live On

Return To Flight: STS-114
How I Reacted To The Accident
How Kalpana Chawla Inspired Me
"Astronaut Diaries" Program (my personal review)
Biography: Space Shuttle Columbia (OV - 102)
Biography: David Brown
Biography: Rick Husband
Biography: Laurel Clark
Reflections of God and Space
Biography: Kalpana Chawla
Biography: Michael Anderson
Biography: William McCool
Biography: Illan Ramon
STS-107 Charities
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My Personal Bio / Contact Me

I dedicate this page to anyone who would like to submit song lyrics, poems, or artwork on behalf of the STS-107 crew.  Email it to me at:  ShawnaLe@Charter.Net  and I'll post it...Thank you!!!  =) 


* The seeds of DESTINY are sown,
But they are not yet fully grown.
With care they'll one day reach the SKY;
It all depends on how hard you try.
Be the best that you can be,
And make the SKY your DESTINY.
-SUBMITTED BY: Matthew J. Drollinger
Cedarburg, WI

"Heros Live On...."

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